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Backsplashes Luxurious kitchen with backsplash Backsplash Kitchen backsplash

You'll find everything you need to take your kitchen from faded to fabulous by updating your kitchen backsplash. A visit to our well-stocked showroom means you won't have to wait to see your kitchen transformation take place.

Dress up your

kitchen backsplash.


Don't strain yourself trying to scrub splatter off of your drywall. Tile is easy to clean. Visit Floor Depot to buy your new tile or Corian® backsplash today and start reaping the benefits of an easy clean as soon as tomorrow. Your kitchen will look cleaner and you'll be able to spend more time preparing delicious meals.

High impact style and easy to clean.

Our professional installers will:

 - Remove the old backsplash

 - Prepare the backsplash surface

 - Tile the backsplash surface

 - Apply grout the tiles

 - Clean up and apply caulk

A quick and easy way to update your kitchen space is to change out your backsplash.

When you get an estimate at Floor Depot, you're working directly with an installer, not a salesperson. Because of that, you always get the most accurate estimate possible with no hidden costs or surprises.

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Backsplash installation

FREE, accurate estimates

Don't forget about the backsplash behind the sink in your bathroom. It's just as quick and easy to update your bathroom by changing out the dated tile behind your bathroom backsplash as it is to update the backsplash in your kitchen. You'll find the tile you need to do the job at Floor Depot.

There's a backsplash in your bathroom, too.